Empowering corporates and startups to create solutions that meet community requirements through professional guidance.

Smart Codes nurtures innovative ideas that look to develop sustainable solutions for African communities through technical assistance, creative support, management, and a connection with a reliable partnership net with a wide network of reliable partners
Technical Assistance
We generate and provide startups with top quality services ranging from cloud hosting, website development, and many other tech-related services addressing specific needs.
Creative Support
We are dedicated to bridging startups with solutions that address their common needs by offering access to our in-house creative assets for the development of unique strategies, media planning, and execution.
We ensure the sustainable growth of startupsí businesses by offering access to mentorship programs from industry experts within and outside Africa.
We are dedicated to connecting startups with partners within our reliable customer network and partnership for a strategic business relationship.


Our innovative center bridges corporate companies with a pool of well-vetted young innovative individuals from higher learning institutions, who through our acceleration programs and open source projects, develop integrated core solution targeting to drive exponential growth of organizations and impact in communities.
We help corporate organizations meet outstanding talents from learning institutions by giving them access to curated events, meetups, and startups based on their immediate and long term requirements.
Our programs push students from learning institutions to be more innovative through training and research & development for solutions that address organizational needs.
Our open-source projects give developers the ability to work on specific solutions that address corporate shortcomings.
More Services

Being a technology led company, our goal is to use the technology to solve every day africa challenges through digital channels  and other tools.


The Agency is where the ideas grow and flourish. It encompasses brand campaigns, media, design, consultancy, and account management


The technology wing is where innovation happens. It consists of all things tech, be it the creation of websites, apps, raffle tools and many more.

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