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Nov 18, 20. jobs

We are looking for a competent Studio Intern to support all aspects of photo shoots, film, or TV production. The crew will count on you for various crucial tasks, from photography, editing, organizing sets to distributing scripts to crowd control, and creating storyboards.

If you want to prove yourself and work your way up the ranks in the Smart Studio Department, this is the place to start. High energy and commitment are essential. If you are a restless individual who can multi-task, solve problems, and do things proactively, you’ll quickly become invaluable.

The goal is to ensure projects get on smoothly and problem-free.

Studio Intern responsibilities are:

  • Filling in in photoshoots
  • Editing
  • Aiding with setting up props and lighting
  • Distributing scripts to members
  • Printing required paperwork
  • Helping to control the crowd
  • Bringing across messages effectively
  • Performing administrative duties

Studio Intern requirements are:

  • Having a strong passion in this field,
  • past experience is an added value
  • Knowledge of media terminologies
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Good physical condition
  • Adv. Diploma/ Bachelor Degree in a related field
  • Ready to work full time.

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