Digital Agency Intern

Jan 16, 19. jobs

Position:Digital Intern

Location: Dar es Salaam

Reporting to:Account Manager

Smart Code is a Pan-African Digital Innovation and Advertising Agency that focuses on solutions for Web, Apps, Software Platforms, Social Media Strategies, Media Buying and everything in between.

Sounds like a lot of work, right? It is. This is why we need fresh perspectives like yours. We work in an environment that embraces collaboration across all disciplines and encourages people to explore beyond the boundaries that limit visionary ideas. As an intern, you’ll work side-by-side with our industry’s brightest minds—receiving mentorship, training, and experience on real, live accounts and brands.

Full-time availability is strongly preferred.

  1. The Ideal Person
  • Understands how popular social networks work inside and out, including their functionality and design
  • Loves details and pay extra attention to the fine print
  • Work with the team to contribute brainstorming and creation of concepts for best-in-class user centered design


iOS Developer

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Nassor Mohammed

Sofware Developer



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